Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mothers' Day

Happy first Mothers' day to mum and to all the other mothers on the unit and beyond. I've tried extra hard to give her good news as a present.

I've had a good weekend with no major changes.  I continue to need some oxygen every now and then, especially when feeding as it puts a bit more strain on my little lungs. I've gained more weight.  94g to be precise so now I weigh 2.694kg.  I'm nearly 6lb!  I have had some more blood in my nappy but I remain clinically well so the doctors don't seem too concerned but M+D will talk to the doctors tomorrow to get an update.

The nurses helped all the babies give their Mums Mothers' Day cards. It did result in slightly blue feet but the result was wonderful.

You know what they say about boys and big feet....

Some babies were able to give their parents more presents over the weekend too by moving to SCBU as they're doing so well.  I'm still in HDU but getting a little bit better everyday and from my cot you get a lovely view of the Chelsea rooftops and sunset so for now, I'll stay put thank you.

M+D had a lovely day off yesterday and they came and told me all about it today.  I'm looking forward to coming home and spending time with them out in the real world.  It sounds exciting.  They promised to take me to lots of different places once I'm bigger.

Happy parents and camera shy little man

Arthur xxx

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