Friday, 15 April 2011

Nearly there!

6 out of 7

SIX out of seven

That's the number of full feeds I managed by bottle today. Three overnight and three during the day with one tube feed this morning as they worried I was tired - nonsense, I could drink for England, promise!

So Mum and Dad (and me, of course) are booked to 'room in' on Sunday. Rooming in is when we get to stay in our own little room at the hospital and pretend we've gone home - to see if we'll cope. I have every confidence in my parents. (Though between you and me, and don't tell anyone, I reckon they're very nervous! I'll try hard to be good)

Thank you Jude, for my Tigger costume.
Speaking of nervous; I had a yummy bath with Mummy today and the nurses had to tell her to put more water in. She'd been very careful to make sure I wasn't going to drown - but I also wasn't going to get wet!! They're first time parents - they'll learn!

Happy tired men!
The nurses have said they're aiming to get me home on Tuesday. Which is only some days away (I haven't done counting yet). Yippee.

Otherwise I've been good as gold. I've even settled into a once a day poo regime first thing every morning. How clever is that? It'll all change when I get home, of course. Just to keep them on their toes. Mustn't be too predictable!

I hope your days are going as well as mine,
Love Arthur


  1. Oh Arthur! You clever old chap!!

    Be a good boy for Mummy and Daddy won't you?

    Can't imagine how excited they are :)

    Keep growing not-so-little-man!!

  2. being south of the river is obviously your natural home -- you've done so well since you moved !! great news X Penny

  3. He will be 21 before you know it and downing 6 to 7 pints!!!!!! Good luck to you both lots of love Carol xxxxxxxxxxxx