Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunny Sunday

Good evening,

It really is a good evening actually.  I've had a brilliant day and have managed one bottle feed of 56ml in the morning and another one this evening of 44ml, both without desats or bradys.  Well, not bad ones anyway.  My weight has remained the same at 2.74kg or 6lb 1oz or so.  My nurse explained to M+D that my weight gain may slow down now I've moved over to a different feed but that I have some fat stores so I won't starve.  Cheeky! Although she did say I was her star pupil today with my new bottle feeding trick. 

I had my first ever bath today.  It was a bit strange at first getting my hair and then my body wet but Mum was very gentle with me and it was quite nice in the end.  I was then ready for my Granny and Grandad Eccles in my Sunday best and I was well behaved for a cuddle with both of them.

Cuddles with Granny

And with Grandad

More cuddles followed with M+D and I had a little nap in Dad's arms.  He may have had a small nap too but don't tell anyone!  He made up for it by bottle feeding me this evening and I even managed some big burps with a little help from Dad and my nurse.  New trick!

I'm having a breathing test overnight called a 'download'.  Basically, the machine that goes 'beep' records my saturations continuously and looks to see what my oxygen requirement is and if I'm likely to need oxygen at home or not. 

Tomorrow is the Consultant ward round so I expect some more developments in the escape plan. Mum is going to come to have a chat with the doctors to get to know the team in my new hospital too.  Hopefully they will come up with something I approve of.  Readers of the blog already know I don't like being rushed into anything.

So, altogether a brighter, more positive day than yesterday.  Here's to consolidating my new tricks tomorrow.

Love to all,
Arthur x

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