Friday, 15 April 2011

More of same!

Lovely day today. I managed three of my four daytime feeds today from the bottle, and I drank all of each of them without any problems! This is very good progress towards my all bottle, no tube-feed, world.

Success with feeding = home to Peter Jones. I don't know who Peter is but Mum has entrusted him with everything I need for my new home [Peter Jones is Amy's favorite department store, in London].

Otherwise all calm and stable here. M&D have promised to bring the video camera in again because I'm so wide awake for much of the day - and I want to say hello!

Hello to all my fans

Oh, by the way - I turned 38weeks old yesterday and have had 50,000 clicks on the blog, now from 46 countries. Ummm. Thank you!

Post feed relaxation

Love to all,

1 comment:

  1. Dear Arthur,
    we are looking forward to meeting you when we get home.
    Lots of love from S&C in Bhutan