Wednesday, 20 April 2011

39 weeks old!

Yes folks, I'm now 39 weeks old.  Only one more week until my due date.

I am being rested with regards to my feeding, so all my formula is going down my NG tube which I have to say is beginning to frustrate me.  No matter how much I moaned, M+D and my nurse wouldn't give in. So no bottles for me.  They tried to fob me off with a bit of formula on my dummy but I wasn't fooled! Just a small tantrum! Still, it's good practice for my sucking I suppose.

More of my neighbours are preparing to escape ready for Easter which is good for them but a bit hard for me whilst I stay in hospital. If you go anywhere nice for Easter feel free to send me a postcard:


Post can be sent to:
c/o Dr. Simon Eccles
Accident and Emergency Department
Homerton Hospital
Homerton Row
E9 6SR

In the meantime I'll just keep calm and carry on

Love to all,
Arthur x


  1. Dear Arthur,
    you now have followers in yet another contry:)
    we will not send a post card to you in the hospital as we are sure that you will be home before it would potentially arrive.
    Lots of love, C&S India

  2. hello Arthur I anm going to be away from my computor for a while and as i don't have one of those fancy friuty i phone thingys won't be able to check up on you --- so be good,keep calm and grow strong - when I get back I expect you to be home - love to you and M+D Penny