Thursday, 7 April 2011

Ezzibody's a bit tired

Hello all,

I'm fine. I'm just rather tired. I've lost 40g in weight mainly because I'm not being fed very much. Life is a bit tiring and I'm sorry not to be more bouncy.

Quiet little man today
They've given up on the drip - since the last blog there've been multiple attempts and two cannulae which tissued - that is two drips which stopped working sending their contents into my muscles/skin not my veins. It's all a bit irritating.

I had another go at feeding direct from Mum. it sort of worked but I managed to drop my heart rate a bit too far at one point. Everybody got very excited but I got better quick enough.

She's winding me rather than strangling me!
 I'm still breathing room air - so that's all good. And no more blood in the poo. Mum and Dad also looked rather tired today but have promised to get more sleep so they can entertain me even more.

Look at me - ready for a walk!

Hugs and contentment,
Arthur x

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