Monday, 11 April 2011

Motivation Monday

New week, new doctors and a plan of action.

As I mentioned yesterday, today was a big Consultant-led ward round.  Mum was there and they were very patient with her and listened to her concerns and answered her questions well.  Thank you. I did my best to behave during the examination too.

Assuming the pre-bath position

The Consultant said that she had already read some of my blog so she'd done her research before even meeting me.  At the end of the round it was decided that I should try without the diuretics and should have alternate feeds through the tube and using a bottle so I don't get too tired.  I am going to have another heart scan, hearing test and another eye test (hopefully my last now I'm over 37 weeks).

My feeding is improving again and I managed 2 bottle feeds with Mum with her winding me regularly but they tired me out a little so Dad fed me via the tube in the evening.  Still, I didn't vomit or go blue.  Bonus. And I've really got the hang of burping. Double bonus.

Actually that could have been worse

My 'download' was successful and my oxygen demand matches my supply via the nasal prongs so I will stay on that for now with just an apnoea (breathing) monitor. No more machine which goes beep! No more scary numbers!  I will have more 'downloads' as I get older and closer to coming home.

Mum went a little bit washing crazy at home today and washed a lot of cot sheets and things called muslins. Now that they're saying I'm nearly ready to come home, Mum is making up for lost time with her nesting!

M+D are hoping to give me another bath tomorrow.  I hope the other babies and their parents have waterproofs and umbrellas.  Things could get messy!

Elephants! Thousands of them!
Love to all,

Arthur xxx

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