Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Monday again

Dear All,

So it's Monday again. My 13th Monday since birth. I've now had enough of hospital Mondays.

I'm trying hard to get my strength back. I've fed fairly well today. Reasonable bottle slurping, few desats. But I'm not yet fully awake. Indeed, the speech and language therapist came to see me - to make sure I can swallow properly - and I was so deeply asleep that she will have to come back. Sorry.

My expression for most of today
And my Granny L came to see me today after looking after my cousins - I didn't even wake up for her.

But Mum had a very good discussion with my consultants today and their plan is pretty clear: let me get my strength back and wake up again. Then let me get to feed properly. Then I can escape. I'll do my best!

Sunset from my bedroom!
Oh and I now weigh over 7 lbs. Dad says I'm a proper little fatty. So rude.

Love to all,
Arthur x


  1. Hang in there M & D, the last stages are pretty tough. Alex also got up to full breast/bottle feeds and then also held his breath and went blue with most feeds!! Extremely frustrating but he will get there and before you know it you will be planning his first birthday party and those hospital days will feel like forever ago. Sending lots of love from Perth Australia.
    Katharine xo

  2. aleep well and grow strong arthur - nearly there love to you all