Friday, 29 April 2011

Many firsts

My first night home with Mum and Dad. Very exciting. Far too exciting for sleep, since you ask. And I was hungry, and I needed cuddles. I'm sure I'll get M&D trained eventually but they were quite slow in responding to some of my yelling.

My first royal wedding. I was quite tired after last night, to be honest, so I may have slept through most of it. No babies either. And what on earth did Eugene have on her head? No class if you ask me.

My first street party and pub. And may I recommend the Black Dog in Glasshouse Walk near Vauxhall. New young landlord - excellent beer (for Dad) and fabulous food. Then I got to watch cricket - very British. I may have fallen alseep again - I need to conserve my strength for tonight. It will take more than one night to have M&D truly at my beck and call - but I'm working on it!

Love to all,
Arthur, a free man, E

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