Saturday, 16 April 2011

Fresh air!

My escape plan is going brilliantly.
A brief moment without my nasal 02
Winston Churchill or Chairman Mao - you decide
I drank all my feeds from the bottle today. And as a reward, I was allowed to go for a walk. So Dad and I toddled off to look at the river Thames (we had to stay in the hospital grounds). Mum went to see Peter Jones again - more stuff for me apparently.
So where am I?

Oooh, this is new.

Definitely in London then!

Then Mum got back and had to ring Dad as we'd been away from the unit for two hours and they wanted to check we weren't lost. To be fair, my sense of direction is pretty lousy and I still much prefer looking to the right, rather than the left (M&D are getting slightly irritated with this and keep rearranging my head when I lie down); but Dad knew where we were and got me back upstairs before my oxygen ran out.

Tomorrow I get to stay in my own room, which sounds exciting. And Mum and Dad do all my medicines, which sounds terrifying. One four times a day, one three times a day, one with every feed, one just in the morning and one just in the evening - easy!

And I played a trick on Dad today. I waited until he was changing my nappy and then I pooed and peed at the same time. And when he'd cleaned up - I pooed again. And when he'd clean that up - I pooed yet again. I don't think he realised how much poo I could store up.

He does now!

Love to all,
Arthur x

p.s. - 50 countries. Fifty! I'm pretty certain my parents haven't been to that many. I do hope I'll be well enough to travel when I'm bigger.


  1. Fantastic to read this. What amazing pictures. Well done Arthur!

  2. Arthur, you made it outside. Wonderful. Welcome to London. Ask your dad for the car keys. I believe there are at least 50 countries waiting to meet you.

  3. Sally Parkinson16 April 2011 at 23:01

    Oh that's just the best news I've heard in ages, big hugs all round. x

  4. Yeah!!! Hurray for 'one day at a time'. So happy for you. Bet you can't wait to have him in his own room at home. Enjoy. Lx

  5. Keep it up Arthur