Sunday, 17 April 2011

Don't rush me...

Yesterday was lovely - a nice little look at the fresh air and big outside world, but also rather scary.

And bottle feeding is fine, but also quite hard work. And they did push me to all bottle feeds very quickly.

So today I decided enough was enough. I didn't want to leave hospital just yet.

My lovely nurse noticed that I changed colour a few time whilst feeding first thing this morning so she put me on a saturation monitor for my lunchtime feed with Dad. And I dropped my pulse and heart rate. Quite a lot since we're on  the subject. Dad was trying not to be too alarmed; after all, we've been here before. But when my nurse saw that I was saturating at less than 50% she almost threw the baby she was feeding back into its cot and hoicked me out of Dad's arms before giving me a thorough duffing up to make sure I was awake. It worked, and once I woke up my numbers looked much better.

To save too much dull detail - it seems I had used up all my energy reserves coping with the bottle feeds. And because my lungs are still very small and fragile - my reserves are rather small. So my oxygen was doubled to 200mls an hour (or 0.2l/hr) lots of bloods were taken, and Dad managed to feed me once I'd woken up. It seems if I'm too knackered, I forget how to coordinate feeding and breathing. Ooops.

So I've gone back to alternate tube feeds and bottle feeds. Rooming in cancelled. Going home cancelled. Mum and Dad rather disappointed. Then I tried desatting when Mum fed me - which was probably a bit much for her reserves as well. Sorry Mum.

It the midst of all this my Granddad P, Nanna and Aunty Lizzie came to say hello. It was super to see Granddad P and Nanna again - I know it's a very long trip for them. And it was lovely to meet Lizzie for the first time - all the way from Newcastle. And she gave me my first toothbrush. I promise to use it as soon as I get my first tooth!

Oh and I haven't been keeping you up to date with my tests. I had a heart test - which showed that my PDA is still P (that's almost a joke to doctors). It means my duct is still patent and having only a small effect on my heart. No need to do anything now - but I'll get another look done as an outpatient. And I had a special test today and I can hear with both ears - twice as many as Mum, so that's alright then!

I'm sure I'll get to go home eventually - but not just yet. A bit more strength needed.

Love to all,
Arthur x

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  1. Arthur, you've done so well so please don't feel
    disheartened by this. Great news about your hearing. Stay a bit longer, enjoy the view from your room and keep your building your strength.