Saturday, 23 April 2011

Snuffly Saturday

Hello all,

Today was a peaceful day to celebrate my 14th Saturday and 13th complete week in the great wide world.  As a present, M+D have given me something quite special - my first cold.  Yes, I have a snuffle, proven by Virology and everything.  Mum was a bit worried, but the nurses said they weren't too concerned and I'm not being barrier nursed.  Also, if I'd been born this week, I would have been sent home with M+D with or without a cold.
I've had my transfusion so I'm less pale and a but more perky.  So much so that I polished off 2 bottle feeds over night and another 2 during today.  Still not ready to have my NG tube removed, but getting there slowly but surely.

Happy Easter for tomorrow, Love
Arthur x

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