Thursday, 7 April 2011

Reading the blog

It's very flattering that many of you seem to like reading about me.

My parents started this blog to help my grandparents and friends know how I was without the need for lots of phonecalls. The extended network of family and friends covers a few countries but now I have 129 followers and have been looked up in over 40 countries around the world.

My individual updates have been looked at over 45,000 times. This has got rather bigger than just relations!

So I thought I'd ask: who are you and what makes you follow me? Especially those of you who live a very long way from me.

If my Dad has got the settings right then anyone can leave a comment on this post. You'll have to recognise some funny looking words to make sure you're real (not an automated response). So feel free to say hello.

Many thanks
Arthur x


  1. hello!
    only in the Uk im afraid. but Lyall's goddaughter! (suzy's daughter) read your blog everyday. often want to share the videos..but dont know how!


  2. Hi Arthur,

    Greetings from the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave (leaving out a few messy details)! I'm your First Cousin Twice Removed - that's a fancy way of saying my Mum and your Great-Grandmum were sisters. I've been following your valiant struggles with the world for the last two months and am looking forward to meeting you the next time I visit Britain!

    Big hugs,


  3. Mollie loves to read. She is a couple of months older than you and your mummies have a common principal job description: Mummy. And the minor job details have some similarities too. And she knows for sure that there are many more celeb gossip followers at Nph!

  4. Hi there,

    I am a friend of one of Simon's work colleagues, Emily. Em let me know about your beautiful boy as I too was in a similar situation in April last year. I gave birth to identical twin boys at 26+3 weeks. Sadly we lost our tiny Oliver at 15 days, however Alex is a happy healthy nearly one year old (9 month corrected).
    I am also a NICU nurse and worked at chelsea from 05-07 as a bank nurse. So I also love hearing about staff members I used to work with. Alex loves the little videos of Arthur, perhaps he finds the bings and bongs soothing!! He he.
    Anyway if there is any support I can give you, please do get my details from Emily.
    Sending you lots of support form way down here.
    Katharine xo

  5. I'm from Australia, I was introdcued to your blog because i'm the mum of a ex 24+0 wkr and Arthurs blog was shared on a premmie site i'm part of. I like watching Arthur grow stronger and it helps me revisit some of the things we went though so that i can deal with them better (quite theraputic really) and some of the things i've forgotten about over time reading arthur go though them reminds me of just how far my three yr old has come, lots of love to you all xx

  6. Hi Arthur,

    A nice lady on Mumsnet provided a link to your blog! I recognised your dad as I used to be a social worker at Homerton hospital until I left to have my little boy, Christian who is now one. He was poorly when he was born so I kind of know what you m+d are going through.

    Lots of love and positive vibes to you all

    Bianca xx

  7. Hi Arthur!
    My name's Bev and I met your mummy at superchicks in the summer before she married your dad. I still go to training now and we all often chat about how you're getting on!
    I can't believe how big you are now, keep growing and stay strong.
    Lots of love Bev x

  8. Hi Arthur,
    Another mumsnetter here, I'm addicted to your blog as my little girl is due the same time as you were although she's not as impatient and is still kicking me from the inside. :).
    I love your photos and watching how well you are doing, I always check for updates before I go to bed on a night - stay strong little man


  9. Hi Arthur

    I knew your dad when he was a fresh faced medical student. I "survived" many a car journey with him ... I'm sure/hope he has probably slowed down a little by now....!
    I see that you have the same wit as him when writing your blog and I'm in awe of all of your & M&Ds strength & courage.
    Best wishes

  10. Another who followed a link from mumsnet.
    My little boy Ivan was born two days before Arthur. It's now part of the morning routine for my family to check to see how Arthur is doing.
    Sending more good wishes, but these are from North Yorkshire (sadly nothing exciting or exotic!)
    Heidi x

  11. Dear Arthur,
    Hello! I knew your daddy when he was at Bryanston, and have sort of tried to stay in touch on and off ever since. (I also knew your Uncle Toby quite well too - didn't they turn out well?!) I did try leaving a message a while back, but failed miserably - mostly was going to let your mummy and daddy know that if you were going to Guys & St Thomas's children's hospital, The Evelina, that you would be in wonderfully fabulously safe hands. Our littlest girl, Jessie, had her life saved there by some brilliant medical people, and we could not get over how supportive and lovely everyone we encountered there were! Must say, your mummy is doing soooooo well, not least passing her radiology exams (I failed the OU courses I was doing while Jess was poorly) but also with teh breast feeding (mine dried up so quickly, sadly - but I also wanted to know how much Jess was consuming, as by the time she'd got her heart working again she weighed less than she did at birth - and she was 4 months old by then.) I've told some of my lovely church going friends about you, and they've been keeping you all in their prayers. And they love the photos too!
    Keep on, you handsome little man - I have three daughters, so you never know....!!
    Heaps of love and gentle hugs, Kate xxx

  12. Greetings from Kathmandu:)
    S&C xx

  13. Hi, I've been reading this since my friend, Helen, who I think is friends with your mum, told me about you. I'm a doctor so I had heard of your dad too. You, your parents and your doctors are in our prayers every day.

  14. Hi Simon, Amy & Arthur,
    It's Al, Sally & Jasper here from Alberta in Canada. We're tracking you most days and are thrilled that things are progressing to breast feeding etc now. Can't wait to read that your ready to go home and to introduce you to our little 'J man' when we're back in the UK.
    Keep up the good work Arthur and lots of hugs and kisses to all. xx

  15. Hi Arthur,

    My sister, Emily, who works with your Daddy at the Homerton, showed me your blog when she was home here in Perth, Australia just after you were born. I check in to see how you are doing each morning (Perth time) as I know your Daddy will have updated your blog while I was sleeping! Your mummy is amazing to have passed her radiology exams; I have one section of six oral exams left for my radiology exams so I know what they are like! The only difference being that I am nearly a veterinary radiologist - still looking at shades of grey... but of non-human animals! It has been a privilege to have shared your journey so far and I look forward to watching you continue to progress steadily. It may seem silly from a stranger but it made my day the other morning when I read how clever you had been to manage to breastfeed - what a little superstar! Keep up the good work and thoughts to your mummy and daddy as they help you get bigger and stronger each new day!
    Susie xo

  16. Hello Arthur, greetings from New York. I know your Daddy because I published a couple of his best-selling medical texts. He's very clever, you know! I think you should also know that I've fallen in love with you. You're the cutest little man I've ever seen. I can't wait to meet you. Keep growing and getting better. xx

  17. Hello Arthur, you gorgeous boy!!

    A mumsnetter linked me to your blog when you were just 2 whole days old! Hasn't time flown!

    I look forward to coming on here each day and seeing how much you've grown or eaten (Or pooed!) and of course, whether mummy and daddy got any cuddles!

    Your a VERY special little boy Arthur Eccles!! I look for ward to reading about all your progress and how big you'll get!

    Look after Mum and Dad, I'm sure they could do with some extra big hugs!

    Emma xxxxx

  18. Hello from Toronto, Canada. I am a new mum who followed the mumsnet link, and I follow your progress as I feed my little one at 3am. I have nothing but admiration and awe for your mum and dad, and I look forward to following you as you grow!

  19. Hello Arthur. I am also a mumsnetter who followed you from Day 2 or 3.

    I check in here every day to see how well you are doing, how chubby you are getting, how long you have managed to stay off your oxygen and how many poos you have done.

    You are a very strong little boy who is obviously widely admired.

    Give you mummy and daddy lots of extra cuddles tomorrow.

  20. Hello Arthur. I am the mumsnetter who introduced you to the power of mumsnet. I used to make life hard for your dad when I worked with him at the homerton. Nice to know that you have taken on that role now.
    Great to see you grow and share you with the world.
    Cathy xx

  21. Hi Arthur

    I'm a friend of Cat, she used to train me pre-Superchick and it was Cat who introduced me to your blog. I think I also met your Daddy once when I had to take my little one to the Homerton. I check up on your news every day or two to see how you are doing.

    I have two little ones and the strength, humour and love of you and your Mummy and Daddy are inspirational. Keep fighting and growing little Arthur! You are going brilliantly and our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Jo xx

  22. Hi Arthur

    I used to go to the same fitness training classes as your mom(Superchicks), and it was Cat who introduced me to your blog and I've been glued to it ever since, even when when going on holiday to Colombia ;-)You are such a gorgeous little fighter and every blog posted is truly inspirational. Thank you so much for sharing your life with all of us, I get so emotional when reading your blog... You are sooo lucky to have such caring parents and I'm more than sure that you make them sooo proud every day. Keep up the fight and carry on so M&D can take you home soon. Sending you a big bear hug xx

  23. Another Mumsnetter here! I've been following since week 2 and catch up every day with what Arthur has been up to. I've walked around with my heart in my mouth during the hairy moments but been high as a kite after especially good reports! I am in awe of the strength not only of the little man but also of his quite extraordinary mum and dad. So if you ever sense lots of warm wishes drifting from out West - there's some love coming your way from just outside Moreton in Marsh x

  24. Dearest little man, you did choose good parents. They knew from the time of your early arrival that it would be tough and fraught with setbacks. They face your troubles with courage and unflinching reality - awesome. We are so grateful for this daily contact, and the personality they project for you- awfully like your M&D!.
    Can't wait for our next visit. Lyall and Jon, Simon's M&D.

  25. I'm a mumsnetter too who saw a link to your blog and have been following you since mid february. Love reading your updates and check in daily to see how you are doing. Hope you will be home with your mum & dad soon andcontinue to keep us updated. Emma in Blackpool xx

  26. Hi,

    I'm another one who followed the mumsnet link. I check in each evening to see how little Arthur is doing and update my husband :. I'm so pleased to see how well he's progressing. So many complete strangers are really rooting for you all. I hope Arthur will be home with you soon.
    Love and best wishes,
    PS: I was born at 28 weeks 31 years ago and most people seem to be under the impression I'm normal (more fool them...hee hee)!

  27. Dear Arthur,

    We check your site every day or so from Brisbane, Australia, and love to see how you are progressing. I met your Mum and Dad when they came to Oz a little while ago, and met your dad through some work on doctors' fatigue.

    I have shared your site with some family, who also love the updates and watching you grow! Everyone sends you their "grow strong and big vibes".

    Keep on making your M&D proud.

    Alex M xo

  28. Hi Arthur

    I am a friend of maeve who works at the same hospital as your daddy. I heard about your arrival and have followed your amazing story ever since. I admire you and your mummy and daddy so much and think you are just so cute.

    Kathryn from Hertfordshire

  29. Hi Arthur,
    Your daddy and I bonded years ago at medical school over exams in our first year,despite the fact that he went to that dodgey place in the east end and I went to a nice place in the city. We even did a house job together. I am forever indebted to him for the information that the Queen does not use fish knives and forks, that, and the memory of many happy dinners.
    I check in with you daily...keep growing little man

  30. Hi Arthur

    Another Superchick here - your mum was the first person i trained with! we had to run 3k in Battersea Park - i was rubbish, she was way ahead of me! Cat also put me on to the blog and i'm now avidly following your progress and sending you and your (amazing) mum and dad lots of love and good wishes

    Lizzie xxx

  31. Hello Arthur. I used to work with your dad in a big room where they put all the doctors with short attention spans. My little man Dylan was born 3 weeks before you. If you are anything like your father I expect you will be advising Dylan on how to match his socks to the pinstripe in his suit at your earliest convenience!
    Keep growing, you are going to have the best life little man!
    Lots of love Eleanor (Jones) and baby Dylan

  32. Hi Arthur, my friend has just had her baby at 26 weeks and I was searching for a similar story to give us hope. He too weighs 990g and is soo little, but you've given me hope he will be ok :)