Friday, 8 April 2011

Fabulous Friday!

Another Friday has passed on the unit.  Another beautiful sunny day in London.

Too young to talk but sleep suits speak volumes!

 I gained 14g so weigh nearly 2.7kg again.  I did a MASSIVE poo  (no blood) which went through my nappy and my vest and my sleep suit.  I'm turning into a proper baby.  Hee hee. 

Quick, post poo outfit change!

Still off oxygen, even when feeding.  My milk regime is increasing back to my previous 40ml every 2 hours and although I have some desats, they are less than before so it looks like my reflux is getting under control. less pain for me - more happiness for M & D.

No breast or bottle feeding today as I was very sleepy and Mum thought it best if I was left to rest and grow so I stayed in my cot all day but she held my hand and helped feed me. I like knowing Mum is there. Keeps me calm.

Thank you for your kind messages from all over the globe.  They were lovely to read and made M+D very glad that my blog has touched so many people. They got all emotional reading the comments - so I suspect I'll get extra hugs tomorrow! 

Here's to a lovely weekend in London.

Love to all,

Arthur xxx


  1. Hello Arthur, I know your Daddy from his other job at DHID. When i last saw him he had just met you at the 12 week scan and was very happy and excited about you. Then i heard of your successful bid for early freedom and i was really worried. Through your blog its been marvellous to see how well you have done, and also to be awed by your M+D's strength. For what it's worth, We also enlisted some secret help - we had you put in the healing book at church to make certain you were getting all the help you possibly could to get big and strong and healthy. Confess i was a bit teary when i read you were happily breast feeding - Lord knows how your Mum and Dad must have felt. Keep it up little man - you have half of DHID rooting for you too. J

  2. Hello Arthur, I'm the Mum of another Arthur who also had to come out a bit early. He lived in the NICU and SCBU for two months and he also was quite grumpy about that. He didn't have quite as a good view of Westminster as you did, as he was in North London at the Whittington. You'll be pleased to know that he is also a free man and doing well, and his mum and dad are very happy to be home. He thinks that your blog is hilarious and echoes some of his thoughts and those of his M&D perfectly.
    Much love,