Thursday, 21 April 2011

Thursday thoughts

Good evening one and all,

A peaceful day here on the South Bank.  The sun has been shining and I have been doing my growing, pooing and a bit of feeding....from a bottle!

The Speech and Language lady came to visit to see if I could manage a bottle feed and I tried extra hard and managed about two thirds of my feed before I got a bit sleepy but I didn't drop my sats and my heart rate stayed up so I passed my swallowing test and I'm allowed to bottle feed!  Yippee.

The therapist did tell M+D that I can only be fed by bottle if I'm awake so some of my feeds will still be via the tube and some may be a combination if I fall asleep during my feeds but it's still progress.

To celebrate, I did a massive poo whilst Dad was changing me.  I got him, the cot, my bedding and my clothes (a new record for me) and then Dad put me into one of my baby grows and I popped the poppers on it because I'm so chubby.  Oops. M+D will have to get me bigger clothes again.  This is becoming a weekly event.

My weekly blood tests show that I am a bit anaemic again so I will have another transfusion.  Regular followers will know this isn't my first transfusion and it certainly won't be my first cannula but it is my first cannula and transfusion at Tommies.  M+D made sure everybody knew what a tough cookie I am and how hard it is to cannulate me so they have been warned!  The transfusion will make me feel better and might mean my oxygen requirement goes down too. Hopefully, I'll have more energy so I'll be able to practice feeding over Easter.

All in all, a positive day and a plan for the Easter weekend.

love to all,
Arthur xxx

P.S.  P & L-L saw (and held!) me today and thought I was utterly delightful and wanted to take me home with them!  I am lovely so that's OK.  A  xx

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  1. Arthur, we send you Easter greetings and all our love. You are doing great and M&D really don't mind how many times you do the poo trick! You are all in our prayers