Monday, 25 April 2011

Just another manic Monday

Monday. Well imagine my surprise to find my first nurse here at St T's, looking after me again.

She's very strict with me! She says I need to spend more time awake. Mum and Dad are backing her in this. So I found myself sitting in a chair rather than lying in my comfy cot. More than that - the usual waitress service appears to have stopped - I had to ask for my dinner. Not just ask even. I had to throw a full-on wobbly and shout.

Humph, I have to ask for food!  But look, no NG tube!

It seems I'm no longer getting tube feeds at all. I'm only to be fed when I ask for it. So I have to learn to be more vocal. And hopefully I will get hungrier and more demanding.

Just let me sleep!

And I'm having a 'download' tonight, where they check my oxygen levels are good enough. I haven't had a desat for ages so this should be fine.

All part of preparing me to go home - good news indeed!

So enjoy the build up to the greatest date in the calender this year which occurs this week - my due date on Wednesday.

Who's looking at you kid?

Love at all,
Arthur x

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