Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

I do hope all of you had a nice Easter. I had a super day, thanks for asking.

Mum and Dad came, and since I'm still too small for chocolate, Dad selflessly ate some for me. Then I had a bath which was fine though I'm still not completely certain whether I like getting wet. It always seems rather a surprise. And because Mum puts oil in the water (for my skin apparently) I became seriously slippery which may have caused Dad a slightly scary moment.

Dad made sure I was awake before my bath
And Dad did some pictures with me.

Dad's a bit obsessed with this one, for some reason.
Then I had a lovely kip for the afternoon.

While I was asleep, I dreamt of rabbits
And then it was 6.30pm and I was hungry. Properly hungry. I may have let people know. Ok, everybody know. And M&D were then very pleased when I managed to wolf down a full bottle with no problems in less than 15mins. Told you I was hungry.

Happy drinker

Less keen on being winded
And then I got properly cross and Mum had to make it better 'cos Dad just kept filming:

So I'm getting there. My lovely nurse said she hopes I might be able to go home at the end of next week. Let's wait and see - one day at a time...!

Love to all,
Arthur x

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