Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Slurping cutie.

Hello peeps,

I know I'm cute but today my Mum and Dad reckoned I was super-cute.

I've been on cracking form when awake - though I'm quite tired much of the time. I'm still learning to feed - I managed half a bottle with Mum at lunchtime and almost the whole feed with Dad this evening. I'm slowly getting the hang of burping - and managed a burp straight into Daddy's ear, but I made it look like an accident.

Thank you to Gran for the clothes
I'm really not able to take all of my food by bottle yet - and that's the criteria for my coming home. So more practice needed.

So I may fallen asleep while being winded!
The good news is that M&D have had the house inspected. Apparently it passed. I'm nervous because I'm sure I heard them say that my room isn't ready yet. Apparently I have to stay in their room at first - at least it will mean speedy room-service. Oh, and my oxygen is being delivered on Friday. It's quite exciting.

I think Mum and Dad are rather fond of me. They seem to squabble over who gets to cuddle me first and Dad has taken to squeezing me ever so tight. I know they were very worried about me before but I promise I'm doing my very best to be ok.

Love to everyone,

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