Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Today, I have been mostly....


Today has been a super day.  Granny W came to visit and although I'd been sleepy in the morning, I was wide awake for the whole afternoon from 4pm until 7pm.  I went for a walk (well, I was in the buggy) but it was outside which was nice.  I had cuddles with Mum, Granny W and Dad.  I went in the bouncy chair and almost enjoyed it this time.

Cuddles with Granny W

My download from last night was good so my oxygen requirement will not have to change before I come home and I was so well, I had my second immunisations.  Regular readers will know how much I disliked my last set (incubator, CPAP and anitbiotics).  But this time, not a peep and my sats and heart rate have been steady all day even whilst bottle feeding.  I'm getting to grips with the 'on demand' feeding too - I can be VERY demanding but the nurses and Mum have been quite strict, so no 2 hourly snacking is allowed!

Preparing for my walk outside.  Just call me Bomber Eccles!

In fact, I've been so well behaved, that the nurses and doctors have asked M+D to room in tomorrow and Thursday ready for the big day on Friday.  Not THE wedding but may be MY coming home day.  Now I know I got everyone's hopes up last time I said I was coming home so this time I'm trying not to get too excited and so are M+D.

Coat for outdoors. 

All in all, a brilliant day with lots of exciting plans for the next few days.  Fingers and toes crossed for Friday.  I'll try super hard to be well behaved!

love to all,

Arthur xxx

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  1. Oh Arthur! Your doing wonderful little chap! Loving that hat!

    You don't know me...neither do your mum and dad! But I'm thinking of you all everyday and am SO looking forward to the post the day you go HOME!!

    Keep growing big man! xxxx