Thursday, 7 April 2011

My new trick

It turns out that the soft pillows Mum always has on her chest are full of food. Whoever would have guessed? Well this afternoon Mum showed me, helped by Rose the community nurse. I drank a whole breastfull which was lovely. Only teeny desats and only one Brady which I fixed/sped- up all by myself.
A little post-prandial nap
Mum and Dad both looked rather tearful. Apparently getting food straight from Mum is a big deal. It seemed easy enough to me!
My breathing has also stayed good and I have remained off the oxygen. And I had cuddle after cuddle and slept for a long time too.
The only hassle has been my drip. I have rather bad veins because they've been used so many times that they've all stopped working. So they keep having to resite my drip. And it takes many attempts each time. And this hurts.
Talk to the hand...

Mum showed me more pictures this afternoon. She seems very excited by them so I try to give them my full attention.
I tried feeding from Mum again this evening but I think I may have got a bit tired so I only drank a little. But it's still a good trick and I will keep practising.
Dad seems keen to show me off, no need to dress up though
By the way, did you know I am 37 weeks old today? Nearly ready!
Hugs to all,

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