Friday, 1 April 2011

That Friday Feeling...

Evening all.

I've recruited Mum as my typist for this post to give Dad a break.  I've had a 'stable' day.  I managed a few hours off oxygen but still need it sometimes during feeds to help stop my desats and bradys but I'm handling my feeds much better.  My poo is being scrutinised and a sample has been sent off to see if we can tell where the blood is coming from.

After a small weight loss yesterday I've gained 24g so now I weigh 2.560kg.  The small increase in weight is promising but it's less than I normally manage so may mean I'm working quite hard and using calories to maintain rather than gain weight.  It's a bit early to be concerned so M+D are going to see how things progress over the next few days.

Gimme 10!

I've had cuddles with both M+D today which was nice and Mum says she is now trying to express milk for me overnight as well as during the day so she can provide more of the food I need and replace some of the formula.  Hopefully this will have an impact and make my poos less smelly!

M+D are having a day off tomorrow so no post but I promise they'll update on Sunday.

 In the meantime, happy April 1st.  Where does the time go?  I was due at the end of this month.  Not long to go now!

Enough photos already mum!


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