Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Day 0

Now, I know I’ve been writing this blog for a while now, but today I am officially 0!  It’s my due date.  No more ‘gestational ages’, just corrected age from now on. 

To celebrate, Mum has joined me and we have our own room to get to know one another before I escape for good.  Mum has done OK so far and has negotiated the lifts twice.  For those of you who know Tommies, you will understand the lift comment.  Why do all hospitals have crazy lifts?  I appreciate I have only experienced 2 hospitals so far but honestly.  They have a logic even a newborn cannot understand.  And I think there are lift ghosts here in SE1.  Why else would they stop on every floor with no one waiting to get on or off them?  Hmmmm.

Hello! I'm 0 today.  It's taken me 97 days to get here

Anyway, lifts conquered and walk done in the lovely sunshine again.  I quite like the outdoors and the trundling in a buggy is very soothing indeed.  I get all calm and content and forget about being hungry, for a few minutes at least.

I had my developmental check today with one of the Consultants from the unit.  He was very brave and took my nappy off and examined me.  I did a wee but didn’t manage to get him or mum!  Must try harder.  He said he thought my left leg was a bit stiff as a result of the haemorrhage on the right side of my brain but that my arm wasn’t stiff and otherwise I was doing ok.  He also said he thought I would smile soon.  Mum is now watching me like a hawk.  She says I smile in my sleep a lot but apparently that doesn't count.

Dad is joining us later this evening and he is bringing in a cake.  He says this is for me but I bet it isn’t cake-flavoured formula!  I’m sure the grown ups will enjoy it on my behalf.

22:11 update.
Dad has now arrived and just as I suspected, the cake wasn't really for me.  M+D and the nurses ate it in front of me!  As revenge, I am now planning to stay awake all night.  I have had 150mls of milk in the last 3 hours in preparation.  I'll let you know the result tomorrow...

Love to all,

Arthur xxx


  1. Happy Literal Birthday Arthur - so excited to see your brilliant progress. xx

  2. What a momentous day! Well done, Arthur!

    I only started smiling properly at 6 weeks, and laughed out loud for the first time yesterday (after leaky bright yellow poo all over mommy's white jeans then brought milk up all over a fresh new top that is), so no rush...but then you are pretty mature for your age, so I expect surprises!

    Hugs and kisses from Alicja (15 weeks old today)

  3. Happy Due Date Arthur!! (I would say birthday but I'd bet you'd keep mummy and daddy waiting and be overdue...if you hadn't have got excited about seeing the world and cam out for a peek!....just to keep them on their toes)

    Your doing wonderfully big man!


  4. Architects mess with hospital lifts to keep doctor’s minds off the fact we give them tiny offices and labyrinthine corridors … just don’t tell them. Happy Zero day! PZ