Monday, 23 May 2011

Tubes off!!

Just by day, but my oxygen tubing can come off. Regular readers will know that this is a BIG DEAL. I had a good download overnight - actually I slept through almost all of the night, which seems to make M&D very happy, but a bit nervous that I'm getting enough food. They weighed me again today and I'm now 4.14kgs so still gaining weight well - so no worries on that score.

NO TUBES !!!!!
Mum switched the noisy oxygen concentrator off as soon as she got the news - before she even took the tubes from my nose! And I was very happy. Which I showed by crying for most of the day.

A rare quiet moment - in the 'happy chair'
And when Daddy came home from work, he was so excited he span me round and round because we didn't get tangled up.

I like snuggles
And now it's night again so the tubes are back in and the machine is back on - but the end is in sight.

Hugs to all,
Arthur x


  1. Oh Arthur!!!!! That's wonderful!! You exceedingly clever chap!!

    Wonderful news!

  2. when would you like me to go away again Artur so you can acheive another milestone (sooner the better as far as I'm concerned !LOve to all Penny