Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hammersmith revisited

Evening everybody!

Yesterday was a standard day.  Dad went to work and Mum looked after me.  One of the Outreach nurses came to see me, weigh me and pick up the download machine to work out what my oxygen requirement is now.

I now weigh 3.96kg or 8lb12oz and I did well on my download so my oxygen has now been halved again to 0.05litres a minute.  All very positive and getting ever closer to being tubeless.  The weight thing is also good as that weight increase was since I changed to 'regular' formula rather than the calorie-rich formula for premature babies.

Today we all got into the car and headed off to the Hammersmith MRI unit for another go at getting fancy pictures of my insides.  Last time I wriggled around and was very interested in everything and everyone around me.  This week, I slept soundly and the doctors got all the pictures they needed.  These pictures are going to be scrutinised by a radiologist who specialises in babies' scans.  Mum looked at them whilst I was being scanned and she told me I definitely have a brain and a body.  Phew! That's a relief.

Full 'pupa' mode pre-MRI

Because I slept SO well this afternoon, I was VERY awake this evening and I was hungry.  M+D took a while to work out what I was trying to say.  They tried changing me, putting my down for a nap and cuddling me before working out I was hungry.  They are a bit slow sometimes.

There's a mouse in my house!

Dad and I did some dancing too.  Well, I say Dad did some dancing.  Actually he sat on the sofa whilst he jiggled me about but I'm sure you get the idea. 

More presents too.  Thank you Jo and John.

Oh, and congratulations to Franzi and Mike on the birth of their baby boy.  Another Arthur!  Looking forward to meeting him and teaching him all he needs to know about manipulating parents!

Bye for now and love to all,


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