Wednesday, 4 May 2011

One week old! (corrected)

One week past my due date and settling in at home very nicely.

Do you think my eyes look different?
Today -
Dad finished my bathroom. It has a huge bath. I'm not sure that's for me just yet! It even has bold black and white tiles which will be easy for me to see.
I went for a lovely walk with Mum so she could get me more food as I'm drinking it at such a rate.

And I had my first minor "poo-disaster", apparently a full poo-disaster involves covering all your clothing, a minor one involves getting through two nappies and two outfits before mum gives up and dumps you in the bath!

Me just loving my bath time
And I had a nice play in my bouncer then I practiced facial expressions!

All in all, a lovely day
Arthur x

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  1. lovely bathroom Arthur. Beware of Mum and Dad taking pictures. Note to self rifle hard drive at soonest availability to delete embarrassing or incrimintating images.