Monday, 30 May 2011


We have really turned into a proper 'family' and have been super busy over the Bank holiday weekend.

My room has been decorated with cockatoo wallpaper on my wardrobes and chest of drawers.  The front garden has been swept and tidied and the dining room has been cleared a bit of random boxes.

I supervised this activity from my bouncing chair and only had to offer advise occasionally.  Mostly when I needed feeding or changing.
My expression of choice today

A short moment of reflection!
I have continued to practice my smiling.  Mostly in my sleep but I did try a small smile with Daisy and Verity whilst I was awake when M+D and I went to visit them and their M+D on Saturday.  It may have been wind but they all seemed excited.  Fred and Sherifa came to see me today.  Dad took this opportunity to cook and make a big mess in the kitchen.  He likes to use every bowl and knife we have according to Mum but it smelt lovely.  I'm still too young to try it myself.

The Outreach nurses will come and visit me tomorrow for weighing and to see if I still the oxygen at night.  The Health visitor is going to see me on Wednesday to check I'm fully recovered from my urinary infection.  I'm a very popular person!

Love to all,
Arthur x

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