Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Busy day

Lots happening in my little world at the moment. Some headlines:

Weight - I'm now 3.84kgs or 8lbs 7oz which is over the 50th centile. That means I'm slightly heavier than average for a normal 2 week old baby. And I'm 52cm long with a head circumference of 36cm - again all just over the 50th centile. Given that I was extremely premature this is very good news. And given that all my numbers plot to roughly the same 'average' size it means I'm all in proportion, which is good.

Food - the nurses are so impressed with my weight gain that I can be changed to normal formula. Apparently I'll get my first taste tonight. Let's see if I like it.

New food. New bib (thank you Bob and Jackie). 

Downloads and oxygen - I had a super download with no desats whether feeding, sleeping or pulling the prongs out of my nose. So they've halved my oxygen. And I'm just fine, which is good.

Sleep - I can sleep. I get fed every four hours or so. At 8pm - then I go for a little kip (after a bit of crying and yelling - obviously). Then again at midnight - after which I get swaddled. I don't think I like being swaddled but it does seem to help me sleep. Then there's the weird 4am feed during which either M or D manage to feed me without either of us seeming to wake up. Then I sleep again. Yesterday I didn't wake up until 10am. I can't tell the time, can I? I'm a newborn baby. So why was it my fault that M&D overslept as I'd failed to wake them. So ungrateful. Won't make that mistake again.

Tests - I went to the Hammersmith Hospital today (West London, just by Wormwood Scrubs prison) for my MRI scan to see what my insides look like. But I'd been asleep that morning so I wanted to play. Eventually they gave up and I have to come back next week. Mum says I have to learn to sleep on command. Fat chance.

Privacy - I seem to have lost mine. Dad has set up the super monitor Granddad P and Nanna I, bought me. Apparently they can now sit downstairs and watch and listen to me scream in high definition. I prefer cuddles but, many thanks for letting M&D feel safer for watching me without always having to be next to me.

Parents at home. Dad goes back to work tomorrow so I should be able to wind Mum up to breaking point given a whole day of just the two of us!

I am a happy little man, and life is good
Love to all,
Arthur x.

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