Monday, 9 May 2011

Just being small

That's what I'm doing - just being small. Small and cute - obviously. Small and gorgeous and cute - since we're discussing it.

Thank you to Simon's colleague Caroline and her family for the outfit!
I am attempting to stop being small - mainly by drinking. My problem is staying awake. Now I'm not sure how he does it but Dad can manage to sneak a whole feed into me without my waking up. I'm not sure this is fair.

Quite a busy day today. We went to Giraffe for breakfast with my Uncle Toby, Aunty Julia and my nieces. This coincided with my feed time - so Mum and Dad brought my food with them. Sadly once all warm and lovely - they dropped it just before putting the teat on. So I only got 30mls. Not a happy bunny. And an important lesson learned about always taking twice what I need.

The balloon was no compensation for lack of food!

It was lovely to meet my nieces - they are 2 and a lot, and 7 months respectively and very lovely. I am looking forward to playing with them when I am bigger. Four adults, three children and no-one remembered to take a photo of us all - sorry! Julia had baked a yummy cake - once again, I didn't get any.

My yummy cake from Julia
Nice moment today - Mum was getting me ready for my bath and I heard her say to Dad: "a dry nappy, we can put that back on". Well I'm not to be skimped on. So I peed over everything in sight!

I'm having a download tonight so I'll try and be extra good. Let's hope it works - I'm very worried that Mum or Dad will trip over my tubing as they go up or down our stairs.

A peony in our garden, spring is sprung!
Love to all,

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