Friday, 13 May 2011

Sorry about the delay! - the website - has been in "read-only maintainance mode" for the last 36 hours. So I'm sorry about the delay to this post. If this keeps happening I may change my site. Enough whinging and on with more about me!

Mum and I were left to fend for ourselves today as Dad went to work.  Apparently that's how it will be for the next 6 months or so.

So far so good.  Mum fed me, changed me and dressed and fed herself.  Garden furniture delivered so let's hope the sun comes out again.  Oxygen cylinders for trips out delivered and prescriptions and parcels picked up.  Thank you to John and Judy for the present.

I'm managing my new food ok.  A small vomit but no disasters!  I was awake for the whole morning and lunchtime so I enjoyed good conversations with Mum.  She read to me, sang to me and took me into the garden for my approval of the new furniture. Looked good to me but then I have the eyesight of a newborn!

Sadly still on Oxygen - but snapped during a prong change


We popped out for a swift diet coke this evening for one of Sally's leaving do (one of Dad's colleagues) which was nice apparently.  I slept soundly all the way through. Apparently I was picked up and even waved around - I didn't stir. Well I had been awake all morning and afternoon and the buggy trundling is very relaxing.

Love to all,
Arthur x

Dad went to work but so did Mum, with me in tow.  She had some paperwork to get signed at Northwick Park, where I was born and Mum normally works.  We got there at 11am and left at 4 having completed the paperwork and seeing LOTS of Mum's colleagues.  I looked super cute and was generally well behaved though  I did have to remind Mum to feed me as she was talking so much.

We popped up to the NICU at Northwick Park to say hello to the doctors and nurses who looked after me for the first few hours after I was born.  M+D are so incredibly grateful for their hard work.  If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be writing this blog and M+D would be on a very different journey indeed. A bit of a sobering thought for a Friday evening.  Sorry.

It's the weekend tomorrow so I get M+D to myself for 2 days.  I'll let you know what we get up to in my next post.

More love to all,
Arthur x


  1. Wow! You made it to Northwick Park before me! Way to go, Arthur!

    Alicja X

  2. Great to finally meet you today Arthur and was nice to see your mum smiling as well.
    Jim x

  3. So happy to see little Arthur looking so well and at home with you both!! He's a very sweet baby Amy...Congratulations to you both and well done. Sending all my best wishes and love xxV