Monday, 7 March 2011


Dear Friends,

It's not easy being small. But it helps to share - so with help from Mum and Dad, and with thanks to my Uncle Toby - I blog.
And for the last six weeks, since I first appeared, you seem to like it. To the whole family's surprise I have 115 followers and have now had over 29,000 hits.
I know my Gran, Granny and Nana each think that they're responsible for most of those clicks but some of you come from some very far away places:

1.     UK
2.     Australia
3.     USA
4.     Canada
5.     New Zealand
6.     Hong Kong
7.     Lebanon
8.     Argentina
9.     France
10.     Isle of Man
11.     Mexico
12.     Germany
13.     Italy
14.     South Africa
15.     Ireland
16.     Columbia
17.     Kuwait
18.     South Korea
19.     Philippines
20.     Singapore
21.     Oman
22.     Sierra Leone
23.     Morocco
24.     Indonesia
25.     Czech Republic
26.     Austria
27.     China
28.     UAE

Thank you for taking the trouble to check up on me. I'm going to keep growing and Mum and Dad have promised to show me all these places on a map when I'm bigger.
Have a video of me at my best from last week, as a reward!

Today was just fine, thank you. I gained another 54 grams taking me to 1.58kgs. Super progress. And a lovely cuddle with Mum.

With love and best wishes to all,

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  1. He really seems to be pulling his own! Really relieved for you both. Have been FB-stalking you regularly and sending happy-vibes. Lovely blog, very healthy! Go little Arthur go!!

    Best wishes,

    Lauren (Dewart)