Sunday, 6 March 2011

In the pink!

I had a little transfusion yesterday - what a difference that made. I changed colour - I went from pale and occasionally bluish - to a bright pink and super-wriggly!
I came out for a lovely cuddle with Dad - I was all cute and yummy but he fell asleep! Apparently worrying about me is quite tiring. I wouldn't know - I sleep about 22 hours a day.

Proud Daddy
Good news - I had my second eye test and everything still looks good. Too much oxygen is bad for the back of tiny eyes, which is why they're so careful to get my levels right.
I lost 8 grams last night but overall graph of weight gain still looks good. I'm trying to outgrown the special super-tiny babygrows that Mum went to such trouble to buy. She says she doesn't mind as it means I'm getting bigger and thanks to lovely friends - they have lots of bigger ones.
More good news - M&D are making friends with other parents on the unit, though Mum reckons the dinner with the M&D of one of my neighbours, last night may explain Dad's nap.

The medics will realise that the middle number is a touch low. This was on Friday - none this low today!

Love to all,
Arthur x

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