Friday, 18 March 2011


Dear All,

I'm just splendid - thanks for asking. I'm now off CPAP. I may need it again if I get tried but I didn't need it at all today. And I had only a couple of desats, and I had a super set of blood gases. And I grew. I now weigh over 2 kilos - yippee!

Look at my new baby suit from Granny W

And I had another eye test today - and all looked good. Touch of the "Clockwork Orange" about how it's done - but good result.

And I had a repeat head ultrasound scan of my head today. The consultant Dr Thomas took the time to explain to Mum and Dad what he'd seen. And he was so surprised by it that he'd had the pictures reviewed by an expert. My head looks fine! The original bleed is resolving without visible damage. He was careful to explain that this does not predict my functional result and that however cute my arm and leg wriggling is, it is still too early to say whether that represents the long term picture - that will take several months to be clear - but it's still good news.

Nurses who looked after me earlier in my stay, keep coming in to see me because I look so fat and happy.

Glad to meet with such approval!
Love to all,
Arthur x

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  1. That's not Mini-news! Here's hoping.
    Bucket's 'o' love.