Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A hint of podge

Evening all!

Today I put on another 80g making my total weight a colossal 1.47kg (3lb3oz or so) in celebration of my 32 week birthday.  All quiet on 'poo watch' so I may well lose some of that weight overnight if I give my lovely nurse a rather smelly present.

In fact, you could almost say I'm chubby!  I'm developing a little double chin and my wrinkly knees are filling out.  I'm even developing a small bum!  Nothing to compete with J-Lo or anything but my nappies are fitting better.
Definitely less scrawny!

Pudgy paws

I'm now on CPAP again rather than Vapotherm so my nose is a little squashed and my head is hat bound again.  Nothing wrong with my breathing on the Vapotherm but the doctors want me to be as ready as possible for Tommies once they give the green light (have a spare cot).  M + D seemed a bit upset about this and I got a bit unsettled with my heart rate and sats went a bit awry.  Hopefully I'll get more comfortable tonight and be well behaved when M+D return tomorrow.
Mum getting the velcro right!

"Does my bum look big in this?"
Love to all (now in 23 countries!)
Arthur x

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