Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My perspective

Today I thought I'd share my perspective.

My sight's not too good just yet, so I can only see things close to me, and then only in black and white. Oh, and I don't really know what I'm looking at yet!

Hello grown ups!
My hearing is quite good. I certainly flinch to loud noises but I'm still pretending not to recognise my name. Dad says this habit may be life long.

My skin is super-sensitive and I most certainly know when I'm being stroked. If I get disturbed I make sure everyone knows I'm cross - lots of screwing up my face and waving my arms and legs about. If you're gentle then I'll happily squeeze a finger and wiggle contentedly.

Happy bum
Talking - now play fair, I'm not even meant to be outside Mum yet. But I have found my voice and can cry when upset. I'm still rather quiet, even at full volume, but I'm going to keep practising and I'm going to get louder.

Breathing - Again, I'm not meant to be doing this yet so it not a total surprise that I'm not brilliant at it. I haven't really got the hang of breathing at a regular rate. Sometimes I breath really fast, and sometimes really slow. I hope to get better when I'm bigger but still desaturate occasionally in the meantime.There's an art to a really good desaturation. Holding your breath or just getting gunk in your throat is child's play, all the babies on the unit can do that. The secret to a excellent desat is in the timing. First you have to pretend to be all peaceful and happy - if you're all upset, firstly they'll be watching, and secondly they'll be expecting something. Once you've got them off guard, and they turn their backs, then you go for it. Today I managed to get down to 33% before they made me breathe. A new record.

Oh, and did I mention: I like cuddles.

Human starfish!
Love to all,
Arthur x

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