Thursday, 24 March 2011

HDU update

Arthur's now settled back on the HDU. He's breathing much better on the CPAP and his blood gases are better.
His Full Blood Count is not brilliant. His haemoglobin has dropped again to 8.3. His white cells (the blood's defense cells) have dropped to 3 which is very low (for the medics, he has neutropenia). This makes infection seem likely.

He's being started on anti-reflux meds - with the thoughts from the doctors, that his problem is the mix of - his immunisations, which he got yesterday, his PDA (persistant arterial duct near his heart from his prematurity) and that he's refluxing his feeds.
That said he is being treated with IV antibiotics in case it is infection.

What else? Oh yes, his weight has shot up - he looks oedematous (puffy) so we're assuming he's retaining water as his kidney's are having a bad day.

Because of the length of time he had very low saturations - he's going to get another head scan. And if he keeps dropping his sats then he'll need a transfusion (but they need to be careful not to make him even more fluid overloaded).

Oh the joys of medicine.

Anyway, we'll keep you posted, as and when we can.

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