Sunday, 13 March 2011

Rollover blog!

Sorry everyone. This is a rollover blog as Mum and Dad were busy celebrating getting older yesterday.

Well lots to celebrate today. Yes celebrate - yippee! First - I now weigh 1.84kgs, that's huge!

Next, they could see me without plastic between us. I'm out of my hutch and in an open cot. How cool is that!
Mum and Dad seemed very impressed:

Happy Daddy
Happy Mummy
This would have been enough excitment for anyone but I'm not just anyone. So I had lovely cuddle with Mum, then Dad came to see me before his dinner. And to his surprise I woke up and stared at him:

Hi there
And when he got close enough (I can only see about 20cm) I was able to fix my gaze on him very intently. We had quite a conversation. Mum said he was high as a kite by the time she saw him later on.
Still not enough excitement. So this morning, when M&D came in, this is what they saw:

Look no CPAP
I was trying breathing without help (well just a little oxygen). And I kept going all through a cuddle with Dad
And Mum and Dad and I all had a little hug. I think they were very happy.
They checked my blood gas - and I had my best ever results. I'm glad everyone was so pleased. But they wouldn't let me stay off the CPAP, the meanies. This was because, M&D and my nurses were worried about my getting too tired. So I'm now 'cycling' 7 hours on CPAP and 5 hours on just oxygen. If I do well, then they'll wean down the time on CPAP.

Because I'm now in an open cot I'm allowed a friend - so my wombat is in. He has to stay in his own plastic bag though!
Me and my friend
Just so you know how cute I am, here's a little clip:

Well I hope that's enough to make up for the gap since the last update. Progress is really good and I'll try super hard to do even better. Can I also ask you to think about my friends here on the unit? Some are having a very, very tough time at the moment and I know how difficult that is for their Mums and Dads.

With love to all,
Arthur x

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