Monday, 14 March 2011

A yummy Sunday.

Good evening to all,
A had a lovely day with Mum and Dad. I'm pleased to say I am continuing to make steady progress.
Weight - 1.9kgs. Pee plentiful. Poo sufficient.

I had a full 6 hours off CPAP with virtually no desats and no bradys. So that's good.

A happy cuddle with Mum
I've found my own thumb! (only occasionally)

I know: I'm irresistable!
Dressed in my Sunday best!
And I managed to stay awake for over an hour - which meant M&D and I could have ever such a long look at each other.
Just looking!
In short - I am getting better, and my parents find this wonderful. Currently four sets of parents are not finding their time on the unit at all happy. I know my parents thoughts are with them.

Love Arthur x

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