Thursday, 3 March 2011

A troubling day

Something is bothering me. I can't put my finger on it - well perhaps I can as I have kept a firm grasp on my evil tormentor the CPAP machine. But I suspect that isn't it.

It certainly isn't growth - today I weighed 1.53kgs (3lbs 6ozs) But I haven't managed a poo for a couple of days and am beginning to feel quite uncomfortable, so my weight may drop! But that isn't it.

I know I'm not right because I really can't keep my oxygen levels up. Right now I'm getting 42% O2 and running saturations around 93%. When I was put on a more usual 25% O2, I dropped both my heart rate and my sats - a lot. Both bad number and for a long time. Enough to lead Dad to try the world's fastest wash and nappy change - less than 15 seconds - he must have been properly worried.

Perhaps it's nerves about the move to St Thomas'. They keep saying I'm just about to move and then there isn't a bed. It's slightly unnerving but Dad says their really good at Tommies, and to be honest I just sleep most of the time, so that isn't it.

My head circumference is a bit bigger than expected - so Sanjay, one of my lovely doctors, came and rescanned my head - but that all looked lovely with no evidence of hydrocephalus (too much water) or of cysts in the brain where my bleed had been. In short, an almost good news scan, and certainly no bad news. So that isn't it.

Dad has chatted to Sanjay and it may be my blood. My haemoglobin (the stuff in the red cells that carries the oxygen around) is quite low at 8.3. If it gets below 8 they'll give me a little transfusion.

Oh, and from time to time, if no-one is watching, I manage to get the horrible CPAP probes out of my nose - that screws up my numbers a treat!

Frustrating stuff. Nothing major, nothing important - but rather unsettling. I'll just try to sleep through it all,

Sshh, I'm busy growing

What do you want?
Lots of love,
Arthur x

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