Monday, 7 March 2011

New week, new routine

Evening all,

Another positive day.  Dad was at work so I had Mum all to myself.  I did a brilliant job at looking cute and spent the whole day on just air (only 21% oxygen) whilst on CPAP.  Well done me!

Weight watchers will be pleased to know I have increased again and now weigh-in at 1.612kg.  The doctors are so pleased with me they've changed my feeding from hourly to 2 hourly so I now get 24ml of milk/formula in one go with a longer gap in between.  I took this in my stride and everyone seemed pleased with me.

My neighbour and I started the day in matching body suits which Mum found very cute.  He seems to be doing OK as well.  He has a twin who is also stable.  Their parents are getting used to the 'stable' word just like Mum and Dad had to.  

I had a really good cross-patch moment with my nurse at one point when she tried to change my nappy, change my body suit AND do a blood gas.  A bit too much messing around all at once but still managed to produce a stunning blood gas with a new low for my carbon dioxide levels.  More smug points for the little man.

Mum went shopping briefly and she's bought me a bag.  Apparently it has a feeding pod, a changing pod and more pockets than she knows what to do with.  It is bigger than me so I'm working on a suitable distraction for my escape plan. Kings Road here I come!

In the meantime, here's another small vid.

Love to all (30,000 hits!!!!)
Arthur x

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