Thursday, 10 March 2011

No news is good news

Quick blogette for my fans...

I continue to do well and have surpassed my previous weight gain with a whopping 180g increase.  Mum seemed a tad alarmed by this and my nurse thought it a bit much too.  However, I am a bit bunged up so may be my weight is just a stupendous present for the nurses overnight.  The only worry is that if isn't 'waste related' then it may suggest I'm getting fluid overloaded.  The doctors have therefore reduced my fluid intake a bit.  Still getting plenty of milk and formula (25ml every 2 hours).

M+D and the nurses have noticed that my larger feeds are making me desaturate whilst feeding and so today, Mum helped by feeding me slowly over 20mins.  Not one desat below 70%.  Now my feeding syringe is being placed lower in my incubator to help prevent all my food rushing down my feeding tube into my tummy too quickly when Mum, Dad or the nurses can't do it themselves.  Good, good.

Another cuddle with Mum today.  She says I definitely feel more chunky in her arms and the nurses who haven't seen me for a while all think I'm looking bigger too.  I've already grown out of the smallest babygrows.  The 4lb ones are my next challenge.  Bring it on!

Mum saw 2 of her friends from university today and talked endlessly about me.  She's being a proper mum already and embarrassing me by telling them about my little podgy bottom and my bowel habits!  Honestly.  They listened very patiently and even gave me some presents in my absence.  Thank you Jean and Caroline.

I've asked Mum (who's chief typist this evening) to say another heart felt thanks to friends and family for their gifts.  I've got a lovely collection of toys to come home to, a book made specially for babies, clothes and things which I can have once I'm bigger and stronger.  I'm doing my best to get there as quickly as possible I promise.

Otherwise, no major changes..still cute, still no bed a Tommies and still sleeping lots and needing CPAP for my breathing.  No backward steps either though. 

Love to all,

Arthur xxx

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