Monday, 21 March 2011

A new record!

Generally I had a good day.  Mum spent all day with me and I had lots of cuddles.  I tried bottle feeding again today and managed 3ml of milk that way (first record) but also managed to swallow a lot of air which I struggled to bring up no matter how much Mum patted my back.  This led to the ‘mother of all desats’ with an undisputed, personal best, all time low of just 13%. 

Mum looked very stressed at this point although I didn’t go as grey and floppy as I’ve done in the past and the nurse was amazingly calm and stopped my feed, increased the oxygen going through my nasal prongs and sucked a good 20ml bubble of air out of my stomach. After that my sats improved very quickly.  Phew.

Mum was in early for revision this morning and I could tell she was tired when she fell asleep by my cot.  I took this opportunity to have a nap too so I could be awake with her for cuddles later to make up for my desat.  See, I can be good sometimes!

I’ve put on more weight and I'm nearing 3kg now.  My new fuller figure seems to impress the ladies.  There are 2 new girls on the ward so there’s only me and one other boy and at least 6 girls. And I know I’m irresistible.

They say I'll grow into it.

M+D have been shopping for stuff for me, and my personal transport arrived today.  Imagine my disappointment to hear it’s just a pushchair. They say it’s very comfortable and very stylish.

It’s looking more and more likely that I will go home from Chelsea rather than go to St. Thomas’ first.  This is because of bed pressures in London neonatal units but I don’t mind.  The team here are lovely and very good at looking after me and my friends.

Tomorrow my aim is to learn to suck without swallowing so much air at the same time. And I must learn to burp. Dad’s promised to show me.

Arthur xx

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  1. You're a good lad, Arthur. Keep trying. We're thinking of you (and even your Mum & Dad).

    Air. Food. Cuddles.

    Those are the main things you have to remember.