Sunday, 20 March 2011

Super Sunday

Fabuloso. That's the best summary of today. 60g weight gain takes me to 2.22kgs. Most impressive you'll have to agree. I'm back on my nasal prongs following a few desats overnight but I spent the entire day on the lowest level of Oxygen they can deliver and had no dips which didn't correct themselves - even after feeding.

And they're so happy with me they've taken my electrical leads off - so you can see my chest:

Plump and gorgeous
And I had cuddles with both Mum and Dad. And I woke up so Dad and I could have a chat.


Who are you again?

"You talkin' to me...?"
And then I fell asleep under a blanket from the Dowlen family - many thanks.
Enough excitement - alseep for sunset!
Lots of love to all, and thank you for all the messages of support,
Arthur x
(over 35,000 hits!!)

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