Saturday, 19 March 2011

New tricks for 8 weeks old

So I am 8 weeks old today! Yes eight whole weeks have passed since I arrived unexpectedly and was brought here to Chelsea and Westminster. And they have been the most incredible rollercoaster.

Today everyone seemed to decide that I was basically just a small baby and therefore I should start taking bottle feeds, come off oxygen and stop having my heart rate monitored.

Well I tried:
Small sprog learning a new trick
Don't forget to wind me!

But I also realised that this would mean people paying me less attention and me having to do more work. May I remind you that I wasn't due to be born for another 6 weeks. So to be honest I really wasn't sure that I wanted to be treated as 'just another baby'. So I had a proper series of bradycardias and desaturations. After about 30 minutes of this they got the message. And my lovely nurse sucked the big bubble of wind from my tummy (from the tube which I dislike so much, but it does have its uses). Once the wind was gone I could breathe again.
Mum getting me going again

So - feeding from the bottle: working on it. Burping up my own wind: not yet.
Bradys - not over yet.
Me saying sorry to Mum

I think Mum found the whole episode rather stressful - sorry about that, but I've said it once and I'll say it again - don't rush me. I'm happily growing (another 90gms overnight) so I now weigh 2.16Kgs which would be a respectable birthweight for my age if I'd arrived today.

In other news - I am learning to be a true Eccles. This involves sneezing in threes and passing weapons-grade wind.
Letting Mum work for her exams
And then I agreed to cooperate for just a little bit:
Look NO tubes!!!
"I think I want one million pounds" (with thanks to Mike Myers)
Sadly I had to go straight back on the prongs after this, but good news nevertheless,
Hugs to everybody,
Arthur xx

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