Saturday, 26 March 2011

Life on HDU again.

Sod it. I seem to have found myself back in a plastic box, which is mightily annoying. Worse the box has clearly got far smaller than before. I can now touch both sides at the same time - I could never do that before.

Either the box is smaller, or I'm bigger!
I've been feeling decidedly off colour for the last couple of days and I'm sorry that this has caused so much worry for my friends and folks. I had got myself rather tired and rather uncomfortable.

I can tell you now - reflux is not funny when you're my size. But they've put me back on the CPAP. Now I know this helps but I really don't enjoy it and it made me super tetchy all day.

Not a happy bunny
You'll notice that I'm still rather swollen - it's rather uncomfortable but should settle. And I'm a much better colour - I've had another top up, 40mls of blood makes all the difference.

I even managed to get a couple of hours cuddle with Mum which was so relaxing that we both fell asleep! I think Mum and Dad may be quite tired.

Just chilling.
Anyway I just need more rest to let me calm down, get better and grow. I'll do my best.
Hugs to all,
Arthur x

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  1. Hi Arthur, No need to apologise - grown ups have off days too and lots of people are looking after your M&D. That box is probably getting smaller - Marks and Spencers seem to do that with their clothes sizes as well!
    Take care little man - you and your M&D are in our thoughts and prayers. Lots of love, Phil & Sandra.