Monday, 28 March 2011

My day of rest

Another lovely day on the unit. I'm off the CPAP at the moment and coping very well. Hopefully I can stay off, if my blood gases stay good. I also spent a long time awake playing with both Mum and Dad.
Happy days!

I'm still practicing my facial expressions but I'm trying hard to learn new ones. Still no proper smiling yet. Apparently I'm not meant to get the hang of it until I'm four months old (corrected) so another 20 weeks to go. But I know M&D are impatient to see me smile back, so I'm trying as hard as I can.
No weight gain today - just a little pause I'm sure. I still seem to be growing though and I'm in clothes for 7lb baby clothes now!  Super huge poo (since you always seem to want to know. It's perverse if you ask me.)
Thank you to Geraint and Veronica for the outfit
Just because we had a day together does not give M&D a right to torment me. Have a look at this evidence and see what you think:

Not enough evidence? Well look what happened when I was put on my front. Now I accept that normally I prefer to be on my front, but this evening I wanted to be on my back. A simple request you'd think, but would they listen...

But, all in all, a really good day!
Love to all,
Arthur x


  1. Dear amy, simon and beautiful baby arthur!
    I haven't stopped thinking of you since I left my placement (I was the red headed student nurse- Annie)
    I've just spent 3 hours reading the entire blog and am very impressed and weirdly very proud! You both are doing such a fantastic job and arthur is obviously in very good hands with you two!
    All the best, and HUGE kisses to arthur. He's so unbelievably beautiful!
    Lots of love Annie xx

  2. Dear Arthur,
    You are very clever. I know this because my mummy has watched the video of you flipping your head from side to side while on your tummy at least five times. She showed it to my daddy and my Grannie Annie who have also marvelled over it. Apparently my own attempts were a lot less impressive - hmmmppphhhhh!

    Keep getting big and strong. Life on the outside is excellent. There's much less beeping.

    Love from Lucy in Brisbane, Australia.