Tuesday, 22 February 2011

1 month old today!!!!....!

SUPER cute!
So I may have worried Mum a bit yesterday. Very sorry about that but my little lungs really aren't very strong yet and if I don't get help to keep them open then I get very tired and, just like my Daddy, I'm not at my best when I'm tired.

Speaking of Dad - he has come to sit with me today but I'm ignoring him!

Go away!

He is reading some big important document on his computer. I know this because I just hear the tapping of the keys and the swearing. Mummy says I'm not to listen to the swearing.

After yesterday's excitement, the doctors have agreed to let me rest today. So no changes to the machines are planned. They don't have the special 'Vapotherm' machine at St Thomas' but they're not planning to move me just yet. Dad asked how much the special machine was - £4800. Which he tells me is over twice as much as the car they bought to take me home. He says I can just stick my head out of the car window, 'cos it has the same effect. I think I prefer the machine.

I have Maya again as my nurse and she says my fingernails are getting too long. I don't want to scratch myself or anything. So M&D will have to file them. But here's a question no-one can answer: what would have happened if I hadn't been borne yet? Do my nails only grow after I'm borne, or do they sort themselves out if I'm inside Mum? Baby's aren't borne with long fingernails, are they?

My long nails
Other news - I now weigh 1.2 kilos or 2.6 lbs for the elderly. They are feeding me lots of milk and formula and I'm managing to keep it all down - so that's good.

Old, but stable news, I'm still wiggling my left arm purposefully. Both Mum and Dad have occasionally seen me 'posture' with it, which is when I stretch it out in an unusual way, and can indicate that the nerves aren't getting through. But then I go back to using it normally. So no-one knows what this means - "too early to tell... one day at a time..." and all that.

Practising looking
With my little blue eyes
So I think I shall mainly wriggle this afternoon. Wriggle then sleep.

Love to all,
Arthur xx

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  1. Hello Arthur,

    to answer your question about babies finger nails, in my own experience my babies both had long finger nails when they were born, but because they had been soggy for so long (about 14 weeks longer than yours) they were really brittle and flakey and just sort of peeled off!

    Happy wriggling!