Friday, 4 February 2011

Still going strong

Another day older and I'm still on the CPAP.  This is really good as the doctors and nurses thought I might get a bit tired overnight and need more help breathing again but I'm proving to be a little battler. 

Held mum's finger tightly this morning and wouldn't let her go for her coffee.  She said she had to go because she had to meet someone about her exam so I released my grip eventually but looked extra cute to make sure she hurried back. 

The nurses seem a bit worried about how much milk she is making for me.  I'm increasing my milk needs and she may not be able to keep up but they have other ways of fattening me up so mum said I wouldn't go hungry.  Phew!

The consultant had a close look at my heart today with the ultrasound machine.  I'm so tiny, the probe she used looked enormous but she was able to get the views she needed.  My PDA (channel connecting my pulmonary arteries and aorta) is quite big so they are going to have to watch my fluid balance closing so I don't get too puffy.  Mum watched her closely.  She is very protective of me which is nice.

I'm back under my blue light.  I'm on my front at the moment so my tan lines are evening up as my back is facing the light.  Still need my shades though as my eyes are quite delicate.

Looking at my blog stats, and I'm approaching 10,000 hits with nearly 90 followers!  Who knew a 1kg baby could prove so popular.  I'll keep fighting hard to make sure you guys get positive updates.  M+D are very touched by your messages and interest.  I think doing this blog helps them get their thoughts together.

I'll sign off for now and I'm sure Dad will post some photos later.  More playing with his new toy (the camera, not me!).

My 1 week photo.  I'm nearly 2 weeks old now!

Bye for now xxxx

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