Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Another birthday for me!

32 weeks old today!

It was my 1 month since my bid for freedom yesterday and I had my 32 weeks’ old party today.  Any excuse for a celebration!  One of my other friends had her ‘due date’ birthday yesterday so she was officially ‘0’.  M+D and her M+D had cake to celebrate.  Mum said it was yummy and I’m hoping it passed into her milk for me to try too.

I’ve got new neighbours on HDU.  Most of them are term babies and look enormous.  They also make a lot of noise which makes me look peaceful and well behaved in comparison.  I’m letting mum believe this for now.  Just wait ‘til I get home.  Then, in the words of Russell Crowe in Gladiator, I’ll ‘unleash hell!’.  Hee hee.

I’m doing well today.  Gaining weight to a mighty 1.24kg, breathing OK with pressures of 3.5 down from 4 without getting too tired and I had a lovely cuddle with Mum for nearly 90 minutes before getting a bit pooped and needing to go back into my incubator.  Mum sang to me whilst I napped in her arms.  Once back in my pad, she gave me a manicure using my very own nail file with teddy bears on it.  I’d had to wear mittens before she did this and she said I looked like a boxer. 

Keeping my guard up

Mum says there is a new room on the unit especially for all the Mums to use for breast milk expression.  She says this is a good thing as it means they can express in peace and the Dads can also relax without worrying about where to look!  There a re lots of posters in it about how important breast feeding is for both Mum and baby.  I think most of the mothers on the Unit know this already but they have to put something on the walls I suppose.

I would like to thank M+D’s friends and family again for their ongoing support, food and gifts.  I know my early arrival has been and continues to be a real challenge for them and that they would be struggling without the help they have received from so many people.   

Cute ear not squashed by a hat anymore

One quick question before I go...

Do you think there any patients on the Marie Celeste ward at Chelsea and Westminster?

Bye for now....

Arthur xx

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  1. There were patients on the Marie Celeste ward,

    they have left though

    something to do with a Willing Provider!