Tuesday, 1 February 2011

First cuddle!!!! !!!!

Hello peeps,
I escaped today. Actually 2 lovely nurses took huge care to extract me and all my lines and tubes from my little perspex hutch and put me in my mummy's arms. Then she dripped on me - but apparently that's normal when she's extra-happy.

Happy, tearful Mummy
Dad got over excited and took lots, no really - lots, of photos. I just lay there and wriggled, but that seems to be the job description at the moment.
Proud parents
I'm still waiting for my long line - which doesn't sound nice. But they're getting happier and happier about my breathing and were talking about taking my breathing tube out. I do hope they can because I keep trying to remove it myself but they seemed to have tied it in very tightly.

By the way, have you seen my fingernails:
so teeny!
Oh, and Dad found he could do black and white pics -
Arty or what?
And now a little celebration movie - see if you can spot when I stick two fingers up at Dad!

Love Arthur x

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