Friday, 25 February 2011

The worried well

Lesson of the day: don't try and show off your baby to other parents. He will see through such attempts to appear perfect parents and drop his heart rate to 30bpm - not good in a grown up and very close to lethal in a tiny spoglet. Vigerous rubbing later and all was well for Arthur as his pulse was now 160bpm - as was his parents. A great pity as he'd looked incredibly cute just before that - even if he did go rather cross-eyed.

A little cuddle
Essentially Arthur is a bit knackered for some reason. No evidence of infection but a marginal loss of weight today and he is visibly breathing quite hard. He got better when reassembled in the microsprog position. That seems to be his favourite pose, so we left him like that.

Not much progress today but not much slipping back either. Essentially - 'stable', the word we're learning to love.
And a teeny massage from Mum
Best wishes to all (now in 22 countries!)
Simon, Amy and sproglet

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